About Us

Sometimes accidental beginnings happen when you least expect it - and this is when and where my journey began.

For many years I have worked in the corporate world whilst sharing my love for desserts through my side hustle - The Bake Co. Baby W came along and joined the team, and my world took a turn from 15 hour long workdays to sterilising baby bottles and changing nappies on interrupted sleep.

Years of working around the clock stopped, and funnily enough, I suddenly had some serious time on my hands. I went into the kitchen and made my first ever batch of Chilli Oil - and we used it on everything. I loved it so much, and I gifted some to my family and friends, who inspired me to create My Kitchen Co.

Follow me on the next stage of my journey, where I share my food experiences with you. I hope My Kitchen Co products will become a staple in your kitchen cupboard.